Dynamic content not displaying my action

Quick tip to get your action to appear in the dynamic content


I came across this today and wanted to share. I couldnt figure out why my output from the teams adaptive card was not an option to select in my Compose (no body or anything available). 😭

You have an action in your flow, for example a teams adaptive card, and want to use the output somewhere. Whether thats in a compose, set variable, update row, doesnt matter. What you try and do, it wont show.

What I found, is that if you remove the dynamic content from your card (don’t worry, you can re-add later, or copy/paste your json in a notepad file just in case) it will show!

So any dynamic content in an action, could stop your action from being shown as dynamic content itself.

Very frustrating, but at least with this workaround you’ll be able to add your next step and use the output, just make sure to re-add your dynamic content in your action 😁