How to use parameters in an embedded Power BI link

Or: A quick overview - how to use parameters

This is an addition to my earlier blog, and with a few more parameters you can use. Credits go to but I did want to share as well.

I’m struggeling to fit a canvas app with a powerbi tile that has an embedded report into a teams app (gotta love it) and my report wont fully fit. I’m trying to find the magic combo of these parameters.

Get the embedded URL from your report (Go to export, and copy the embed link)

You will see it already has 2 parameters in there. The parameter string starts with ?, followed by the parameter name and value. If you want to add another one, use the & sign.

Example: ? reportId=REPORTIDHERE & autoAuth=true & ctid=IDHERE

See how I’ve split it up so you can see the parameters? It starts with the ? and uses the & to add new parameters to the string.

These are the ones from the blog, if you know of any others please dont hesitate to let me know!


This parameter allows you to navigate to a specific report page by providing the page name.

Example: ?reportSection=ReportSectionName


You can apply filters directly within the URL to display only certain data when the report loads.

Example: ?filter=TableName/FieldName eq ‘value’


Navigate to a specific bookmark in the report by specifying the bookmark name.

Example: ?bookmark=BookmarkName


Similar to reportSection, it allows you to open a report to a specific page.

Example: ?pageName=ReportPageName


This parameter controls the view mode of the page, such as “FitToWidth” or “ActualSize.”

Example: ?pageView=FitToWidth


This parameter shows or hides the navigation pane.

Example: ?navContentPaneEnabled=false


Shows or hides the filter pane.

Example: ?filterPaneEnabled=false


Opens the report in full-screen mode.

Example: ?fullscreen=true


Sets the report to automatically play through pages.

Example: ?autoplay=true


Opens the report without the Power BI navigation chrome.

Example: ?chromeless=1


The tenant ID, which can be used when you want to embed a report for users from a specific tenant.

Example: ?ctid=tenantGUID


Specifies the workspace where the report is located.

Example: ?groupId=workspaceGUID


Allows passing in a configuration string that can control visual configuration settings.

Example: ?config=configurationString


Hides or shows the action bar

Example: ?actionBarEnabled=false