Filter on date column with random years on Sharepoint

How do I filter on a list, for example for birthdays?

You have a sharepoint list with birthdays, on a date column, but dont know how to filter on them to show the last few days or upcoming few days if someone has (had) their birthday.

I couldnt figure out how to do this, and then a colleague of mine Remco Bruijstens (thank you!) suggested this method, and after testing it worked. Kudos to him, and I wanted to share with you how to accomplish this.

There is no way to filter on the existing date column, using [Today] with something like ([Today]-8,"MMDD") It seems reasonable, but it wont work.

So you’ll need to create a calculated column, with the following code:


Datum in this case is the Date column of which my birtday dates are in.

Example of a calculated column called Jarig with Datum as the Birthday column

This creates a column, with your Month and Day from the Birthday column, with the (current) year 2024 in it. This way you can use [Today] as it uses this year.

Go to your list settings, to the view, and on filtering add the following:

Example of a filter with Jarig as the columnname

Show when items when column:

  • Your column name on the first dropdown
  • is greater than or equal to [Today] AND
  • Your column name
  • is less than [Today]+8

This gives you the current day birthdays, including the upcoming 8 days.

The completed view, with upcoming 8 birthdays

And there you have it, kind of a workaround, but it does the trick.

I forgot to add, make sure to update the 2024 part of the formula on Jan 1st to 2025, it wont do it automatically.