Quick tip! Unmanaged layers - updates not moving through environments (ALM)

Handling unmanaged layers

I had this issue today and figured I’d write a quick tip for it.

I’ve changed my app, modified flows, everything works fine in Dev, publish customizations, export as managed and move to Test. Verified the client can see the new app version, and asked her to test.

Uh-oh, the flows aren’t reflecting changes.

XML Mappings

  • Go to your flow for example, the ellipsis (…) and check the Solution Layers.
  • Check if there is an Unmanaged layer there.
  • Remove this layer, and reimport your package.
  • Test and it should have updated, if not, check for more unmanaged layers.

If you have a managed solution, and make any edit (could also be just open a flow run and save it) it can create an edited ‘unmanaged’ layer, and this could cause your updates to not go through.

Check out this Microsoft article on more indepth explanation on it: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/alm/solution-layers-alm/?wt.mc_id=DX-MVP-5005318